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We offer a fresh, innovative approach to mind/body well-being with unique, nurturing sessions for the entire family. 


Healing Collective

Our HEALING COLLECTIVE includes light touch bodywork (Network Spinal Analysis), gentle chiropractic and energy healing to support growth, alignment and re-organisation on all levels - mind/body/spirit.

Our low-force techniques are research based, professional and suitable for the entire family.  

Dr Coby will do a full spinal, postural and neurological examination on your first visit, followed by your bodywork session.

Her gentle input into energetic gateways along the spine, assists with unwinding from the stress response and creating safety in your nervous system.

Physical, chemical & emotional tension and trauma is released from your body and energy system - creating more ease, expansion and flexibility.


Gentle Chiropractic

Bodywork/Network Spinal Analysis

Energy Healing

Combo session


Sensory Enrichment Therapy

Sensory Enrichment Therapy activates mechanisms of brain plasticity using organised sensory experiences. 

Based on neuroscience, it assists the brain with self-healing and growth. 


These simple protocols can be done at home within minutes, with items that you already have in your home. 


All ages can benefit from boosted brain health and cognitive self-care. 


  • Learning & Memory
  • Gross/Fine Motor Skills
  • Proprioception/Vestibular System
  • Concentration
  • Feeding
  • Sleep
  • Speech
  • Social skills
  • Emotions/Mood/Behaviour
  • Co-ordination
Brain training.png


Brain Enrichment Training

Dr Coby offers a fun experiential space to learn new tools on how to enrich your brain for optimal functioning.

This training merges the latest neuroscience with sensory play, to offer fast and effective tools to boost your brain.

A worksheet with pictures is supplied so you can be your own therapist and support your entire family.

This program is a culmination of Dr Coby's knowledge from study combined with wisdom from parenting her neurodiverse son, who suffered from a traumatic brain injury.


  • Nurturing brain self-care

  • Expand parenting toolkit

  • Support behavior issues

  • Create neuroplasticity

  • Support anxiety/depression

  • Help with calm & focus

  • Assist ASD & ADHD symptoms

  • Support learning & memory

  • Improve mood & communication

  • Brain balancing

  • Sensory processing support



Massage & Intuitive Healing

Allow yourself to truly slow down and receive through devotional presence and loving touch.


Sacred Tara offers you the permission space to be truly held and nurtured in all you bring to the table.


These bodywork sessions are more than a massage, they are a healing experience.


During this offering your body will begin to relax and unwind, the slow sensual touch invites the nervous system to enter into a resting state before deeper pressure is introduced once your body is feeling safe.


Sacred Tara incorporates Energy Healing to ease the movement of energy and emotion throughout the session to offer deeply powerful support; helping you feel softer, lighter and more grounded.

Sacred Sound Sundays

Journey into sound and the senses with Wendy Suzanne and her unique Japanese singing bowls.


Wendy is a certified practitioner of her Japanese singing bowls, she has completed a Certificate of Sound and Music Healing and is accredited with the IICT.


These singing bowls naturally stimulate brainwave entrainment and restore harmony and balance to the body's energy systems, with their pure harmonic tones and sustained vibrations. 


 Wendy also intuitively shares her beautiful shamanic frame drum, wind chimes, vocal toning and mantra.


Sundays monthly

$25 pp


Two separate session times

11 am & 2.30 pm

1hr of sound followed by a herbal tea & treat.


Please contact Wendy to get next dates and to book

Ph: 0413 126 450

Email -


Rev​ealing the Feminine

A journey into the Sacred Temple within you. Allow Tara to guide you through the revealing of your Feminine Essence.

 Through Embodiment practices, Energy Healing and Sacred Teachings, you will peel back the veil from your heart's truest desires.

This will be a life changing mentorship to really dive deep on some crore wounding, trauma and fear that you may personally hold as an individual and that we all hold as a collective.


Personal 1:1 mentoring

8 week mentorship

1 x 90min session per week

Ongoing checkins & support


Temple doors now Open

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