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The Healing Experience


Allow yourself to truly slow down and receive through devotional presence and loving touch.


Sacred Tara offers you the permission space to be truly held and nurtured in all you bring to the table.


These bodywork sessions are more than a massage, they are a healing experience.


During this offering your body will begin to relax and unwind, the slow sensual touch invites the nervous system to enter into a resting state before deeper pressure is introduced once your body is feeling safe.


Sacred Tara incorporates Energy Healing to ease the movement of energy and emotion throughout the session to offer deeply powerful support; helping you feel softer, lighter and more grounded.

Balinese Style massage, medium pressure, slow and sensual, full body massage.

60min - $110

Not a full session, advised for those who are financially & time poor only.

90 min Full Experience - $135

2hr Extra time session - $180

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