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Sensory Enrichment Therapy 

This program is well suited to children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, developmental delays, intellectual disability, balance & co-ordination concerns. Although people of all ages can benefit from sensory enrichment for enhanced cognitive function, performance, neurological conditions, concussion & the ageing brain.



*One off start up fee $125 (to access the program & includes online questionnaire.)

$125 (Optional developmental/neurological/retained primitive reflexes assessment with Dr Coby.)

This is tailored to your individual needs. It may include assistance with filling out the initial questionnaire, neurological/physical assessments & coaching about the program. This helps to offer an individual map of your brain and it's deficiencies. 


*$75 monthly subscription fee AUD

(To use the mendability online site, which can be cancelled at any time with appropriate notice) 

*$50 for 30 min coaching session

$50 to add sensory enrichment onto your bodywork session



Visit to find out more. 


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