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Revealing the Feminine - Mentoring Journey

A journey into the Sacred Temple within you. Allow Tara to guide you through the revealing of your Feminine Essence. Through Embodiment practices, Energy Healing and Sacred Teachings, you will peel back the veil from your heart's truest desires. This will be a life changing mentorship to really dive deep on some core wounding, trauma and fear that you may personally hold as an individual and that we all hold as a collective.


Magic woven through this journey:

• Energy Healing

• Ceremony

• Intuitive Mentoring

• Holistic Counselling

• Somatic Embodiment

• Sensual Dance

• Reflective Workbook

• Inner child Work

• Emotional Release

• Bodywork/Sacred Touch

• At Home Practices


Do you wish to deepen your spiritual and self-love practice?

Do you find fear of being hurt in the past now holds you back from connection with self and other?

Do you suffer from feeling stuck, broken or burnt out?

Do you desire to embody more of your Feminine Essence?


Then this mentorship is calling you in!


Take a moment with me...

Placing one hand on your heart and one on your womb. Gently closing down your eyes, and simply breathing into your body, your being, your deepest self. Ask yourself 'What does my heart desire? What does my womb desire? Do I feel called to dive into Revealing my Feminine?'


If you're feeling this mentorship, reach out and book in for your connection call below.

I look forward to holding you, in safety and in your opening.


Temple doors NOW OPEN

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